Real Estate Consultancy

“Property has its duties as well as its rights..”
Thomas Drummond
Scottish Army Officer, Civil Engineer

Ella and Woods’  real estate consultants does virtually everything in relation to your real estate business or whether it is individual personal acquisitions. We help you turn complex real estate issues into opportunities.

Our services cover wide varieties of clients ranging from personal home users, business owners, investors, lenders, and corporate real estate groups across multitude of industries and we offer you all the experiences, knowledge, and strategies needed to enable you arrive at better real estate decisions.

Our Services Include

Due Diligence and
Market Analysis
Acquisition and Lease Advisory,

Our Mission

We leverage modern trends and the fast-emerging technologies to produce more concrete and transformative insights in helping you make better valuations, due diligence, and portfolio optimizations.

Our team of experts are always on ground to provide world class real estate valuation services, including identifying and performing valuations of tangible and intangible real estate-related assets such as in-place leases, market leases, and tenant relationships; evaluating large portfolios; and single property analysis.

Our clients trust us—and our in-depth experience—to provide them with deep and concrete insights that can help them strategically plan and make decisions with confidence.

In-Place Leases
Market Leases
Tenant Relationships
Single Property Analysis
Evaluating Large Portfolio

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