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We are an emerging Powerhouse in the area of Consulting Services with industry leading experts and professionals who proffer strategic solutions informed by a perfect blend of in-depth research and meticulous analysis that are tailored to individual client organizations. Our clients are our number one priority and our methodologies are driven by the need to evolve lasting impact on overall growth and brand.

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Sequel to the issuance of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) 2019, Ella and Woods Consultants, an emerging powerhouse in the area of consulting services here in Nigeria with industry leading experts and professionals, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure the primary objectives of the NDPR is achieved across all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Regulatory Support

We assist our clients with keeping their businesses compliant with both local and international laws by ensuring adequate implementation of best practices that adhere to the required laws and regulations.

Real Estate

Ella and Woods’ real estate consultants does virtually everything in relation to your real estate business or whether it is individual personal acquisitions. We help you turn complex real estate issues into opportunities.


We provide tax audit services to our broad range of clients across various sectors of the economy. We boast of world-class audit experts who apply best practices in every single audit task.

Our Vision

To be a Corporate Powerhouse rendering services that are tailored to specific dynamics of individual client organizations while redefining consulting within the corporate sphere.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate professionals with the relevant experience to match.

Why do our clients keep coming back ?

Our ambitious team at Ella & Woods makes it a priority to go above and beyond the request of our client to further increase their chances of success and bring new areas of concern to their notice.

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