Data Protection

Sequel to the issuance of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) 2019, Ella and Woods Consultants, an emerging powerhouse in the area of consulting services here in Nigeria with industry leading experts and professionals, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure the primary objectives of the NDPR is achieved across all sectors of the Nigerian economy.
We bring in our very best in ensuring your firm is compliant with the NDPR, other foreign data protection and privacy laws around the world such as the European GDPR, and above all, respects the privacy of your employees and data subjects. We even go further in helping you develop a robust and efficient data privacy policy that meets both Nigerian and international standards.

Our Objectives

Ella and Woods Consultants, having boosted one of the very top professionals in the area of data protection and privacy compliance here in Nigeria, we apply global standards in our practices, with proven track records in ensuring the primary objectives of the NDPR which are; 

  1. Safeguarding the rights of natural persons to data privacy, 
  2. Fostering safe conduct for transactions involving the exchange of personal data, 
  3. Preventing manipulation of personal data, and 
  4. Ensuring that Nigerian businesses remain competitive in international trades through the safe-guards provided by a sound data protection audits and training, is attained. 

Best in the Business

We are one of the best in providing the following Data Protection services

Regulations compliance & breach services,
privacy advisory
data protection training & awareness services
data regulations contracts drafting & advisory
Privacy breach remediation planning & support services
Information privacy audit
Data privacy breach impact assessment
privacy due diligence investigation
outsourced data protection officers

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